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it to us!

We provide technical design and build resources to companies that wish to manufacture new products or improve their manufacturing process. We specialize in the design and build of custom manufacturing equipment, prototyping and low-volume contract manufacturing services.

Futuristic HUD Holographic Machine

Custom Machines

From concept design to integration, we can build a custom machine to suite your unique requirments.

3D Printer Printing Prototypes


Just want a simple prototype of your idea? We can do that. We can work with you from initial design to a working prototype in your hand.

Metal CNC Machining

Low-volume Manufacturing

We help local businesses develop and manufacture their products. Whether it’s a simple component or a full electromechanical assembly.

Custom Machines

blue print concept V8 Car engine Cad

Design and Build

We can start from scratch with a full concept and feasibility study or modify an existing machine to meet your needs.

Automation Industry Concept


Robotics integration, Ignition SCADA integration, Industry 4.0, we’ve got all the bases covered for high-tech smart machines.

PLC Wires


From PLC programming to complete control panel build, we are experienced in developing electrically certified machine control systems.

Prototyping Services

Some of our in-house capabilities

3D Printing Machine

3D printing

Engraving by laser

Laser Cutting

Metal CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Close-up Shot of the 3D CAD Model of the Engine Shown on Computer Screen. In the Background Manufacturing Factory with People Working.

CAD Modeling

Low-volume Manufacturing

Let us make it for you!

Manufacture in Canada, and keep the knowledge local. Let us help get your product off the ground and keep your IP safe. We specialize in local low-volume manufacturing for new and developing products.

Computer Repair, Personal Computer Assembly and PC Assembly

VIala Technologies


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